Tax authorities

The Hon. Cabildo Insular de La Palma, as a Public Administration, has the obligation to manage public funds in the most optimal way possible. The Comptroller General, the Treasurer and the Head of the Accounting Management and Coordination Body shall exercise the functions of internal control and oversight of the economic-financial and budgetary management, the treasury and collection and accounting, as established by the Basic Regime Legislation. Local and regulatory development standards.

There are three bodies that make up the economic services of the Hon. Island Council of La Palma:

The Insular General Intervention

Corresponds to the General Insular Intervention the public function of control and internal supervision of the economic-financial and budgetary management, in its triple meaning of auditing function, financial control function and effectiveness-efficiency control function. The General Comptroller shall exercise its functions with full autonomy and independence with respect to the organs and entities of the Corporation and executive positions whose management it oversees, having full access to accounting and as many documents as necessary for the exercise of its functions.

The Insular Treasury 

It corresponds to said Body, the management of all financial resources, be they money, securities or credits of the Insular Corporation, both for budgetary and extra-budgetary operations, as well as the leadership of the collection services. The public functions of treasury and collection, exercised by the Insular Treasurer are the following:

  • Collect the rights and pay the obligations.
  • Serve at the beginning of the cash unit, by centralizing all funds and values ​​generated by budgetary and extra-budgetary operations.
  • Distribute money availability over time for the periodic satisfaction of obligations.
  • Respond to the guarantees contracted.
  • Carry out the others that are derived or related to those previously listed.

The allocation of liquid resources is carried out in accordance with the principles of effectiveness and efficiency, depending on the definition and fulfillment of objectives. The administration and profitability of the surpluses is carried out in accordance with the execution bases and the approved Financial Plan.

Accounting management and coordination body

The following functions correspond to the said Body:

  • Carrying out and developing financial accounting and monitoring, in financial terms, of budget execution, in accordance with the general rules and those issued by the competent body of the Corporation.
  • Form, according to usually accepted criteria, the integrated and consolidated statements of the accounts determined by the Insular Government Council.
  • Direct and coordinate the accounting functions or activities of the Insular Corporation, its Autonomous Bodies, Public Business Entities, Public Foundations and fully-owned Mercantile Societies, issuing the appropriate technical instructions and inspecting their application.
  • Form the General Account of the Hon. Island Council of La Palma, of the comprehensive annual statements and accounts of the Local Entity and all its dependent entities.