Security and Emergencies

The island of La Palma became a unique island from the point of view of security and emergencies when the CECOPIN (Insular Operational Coordination Center) was inaugurated on December 15, 2003.

The Insular Coordination Center is the operational and coordination body dependent on the Island Council, from where the operations and control of emergencies are monitored in its territorial and jurisdictional scope, in this case the Island of La Palma.

Carry out the delicate tasks that emergencies or disasters require. As well as mitigating its consequences, they constitute complementary elements between the need to plan and the need to improve response capacity. This constitutes the perspective that justifies, gives logic and continuity to a public system of Civil Protection .

The complexity of emergency management has increased the need for a regulated, flexible system capable of managing information from different scenarios in order to improve decision-making processes.

The CECOPIN becomes the Operational Center for preventive risk management and, of course, the tool through which preventive actions will be managed against the probability that the risk materializes.

Ultimately, the CECOPIN on La Palma is and will be the management and coordination center, from which all actions will start, both for the management and coordination of Emergencies, as well as for the prevention and planning of risks.

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