Physical exercise is one of the basic pillars in the construction of a healthy lifestyle, due to its numerous benefits at biological, physiological, psychological and social levels.

That is why, from the Sports Service, several actions are proposed, in order to promote sports practice in the different groups of the population, with the collaboration of the Town Halls, sports clubs, federations, sports entities and individual athletes. 

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    The Sports Service will develop the lines of action of its Insular Sports Plan through different sports programs:

    • Sports activities for everyone: activities to facilitate the access of the entire population to the various sports events.
    • Activities co-organized with the different City Councils of the Island in order to promote sport: subsidies, co-organization of different activities.
    • Promotion actions that are carried out through economic collaboration (subsidies) to sports clubs, federations, sports entities and individual athletes, all of them non-profit, in order to promote and promote sport.
    • Organization of courses or conferences whose purpose is to improve and retrain sports instructors and technicians.
    • Carrying out of island sports infrastructure works and collaboration in municipal sports infrastructure.
    • Samples and meetings of Native Sports and traditional games for the recovery, promotion, dissemination and practice of sports traditions, both among the school population and citizens in general.
    • Management of the Miraflores Sports City; Planning and authorization of the different facilities that compose it.
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