Citizen Participation

The Island Council of La Palma aims to contribute to the formation of a society where democratic values ​​prevail, through the active participation of citizens in decision-making processes and in the management of public affairs on our island. To achieve this end, it is necessary to have clear and truthful information channels on the activity of the administration, favor the individual and / or collective intervention of citizens and make their rights effective.

It is included within the Open Government governance strategy, which includes transparency, participation and collaboration (volunteering).

Why is citizen participation important?


  • It gives greater possibilities to get involved in public affairs.


  • Services improve with the ideas and vigilance of their recipients.


  • Those who work in the Cabildo learn to work in contact with the citizens.


  • The people who participate acquire useful knowledge and skills for their life

How to take part?

Through the services available on this website where you can exercise the rights established in the

Participation Regulations

Right of petition

  • All natural or legal persons may formalize petitions or requests to the island government bodies on any matter or matter.

Right to submit complaints and suggestions

  • All citizens and associations have the right to present complaints and suggestions.

Right to speak in public sessions

  • All individuals and associations have the right to participate in the public sessions of the Plenary and of the Information Commissions.

Right to citizen initiative

  • Citizens of the island who enjoy the right to vote in local elections and provided that it is signed by 25% of the electoral roll or 7,500 residents on the island may exercise the right of citizen initiative.

Right to popular consultation

  • The popular consultation is a participatory instrument through which the Cabildo takes cognizance of the public opinion regarding matters of special insular relevance.

Participation bodies

They channel the initiatives and concerns of citizen sectors related to the areas of government and action of the Cabildo. Likewise, they contribute to improving the process of formation of the will of the bodies that have the competence to resolve.