Section for Management, Administration and Planning and Evaluation of Centers and Projects

The Management Section carries out the execution of the budget, the processing of subsidies, agreements and administrative contracts, technical and financial support to the island's city councils in matters of prevention in social services and private initiative without the intention of Profit for the development of projects of a social nature and also the management and planning of municipal social services when this activity must operate from the insular area for reasons of efficiency or in compliance with the law.

It is its reference regulation, such as the one that is applicable in its development, the following:

  • Law 16/2019, of May 2, on Social Services of the Canary Islands.
  • Law 16/2003, of April 8, on the prevention and comprehensive protection of women against gender violence. 
  • Law 1/2010, of February 26, Canary Islands of Equality between Women and Men.
  • Law 39/2006, of December 14, on the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Attention to people in a situation of dependency.
  • Law 3/1996, of July 11, on the participation of the elderly and solidarity between generations and its implementing regulations.
  • Law 1/1997, of February 7, on comprehensive care for minors.
  • Law 9/1998, of July 22, on prevention, assistance and social insertion in the field of drug addiction.

Contact information:

  • Casa Rosada, Cuesta La Encarnación, nº24, 38700, Santa Cruz de La Palma.
  • Tfno: 922 42 31 00 ext. 4466 / 4468 / 4481
  • Technical Unit for Planning and Evaluation of Centers and Projects: ext. 4474/4282