Specialized Services Section Access and Follow-up of Places Social Care Centers for the Dependency and Guardianships

Make effective the powers of the Cabildo de La Palma in matters of social services in the areas of the elderly and disability through three large interconnected lines of action:

Specialized services
  • Advice to public and private entities on service portfolio
  • Music therapy
  • Beach care for people with disabilities "Summer without Barriers"
  • Support for children under 21 with disabilities and their families during vacation periods
  • Collaboration agreement with SIMPROMI
  • Social and Health Coordination
Access and monitoring of island public services and resources included in the Canary Dependency Care System
  • Residential centers for dependent seniors
  • Day centers for dependent elderly people
  • Residential centers for people with disabilities
  • Day and occupational centers for people with disabilities
  • Functional home
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation centers
  • Floor and sheltered places for people with mental illness
  • Service for the Promotion of Personal Autonomy
  • Early Care Service
  • Telecare Service
Exercise of the guardianship of judicially incapacitated persons.

Contact information:

  • Phones: 922 42 31 00
  • General: 4363/4370
  • Seniors: 4392/4606
  • People with disabilities: 4381/4465
  • Guardianships: 4355
  • Specialized services: 4370/4354/4493
  • Early care, Telecare and Promotion Service: 4369/4353
  • Home Help Service for people with dependency:  6928 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) / 4385 (Tuesday and Thursday). Los Llanos: 6939 (Wednesday and Friday)