La Palma, as a tourist destination with an important natural and cultural heritage , a small size by territory and population, works to program a competitive, digitized and sustainable tourist image of the destination, where the convergence of public and private actions leads to efficiency and higher profitability of tourism actions.

La Palma must be a tourist destination with specific weight as an alternative, that is, with its own capacity to attract demand, manage available resources and bring together investments, whether institutional or private, aimed at developing an offer and a destination with its own identity, sustainable and of quality.

The objectives of institutional and private policies, with their logical differences in the search for the common good and business benefit compatible with those, can only be guaranteed through positioning and destination marketing in potential source markets for the island of La Palma.

In the same way, it is necessary to decide the growth rates of supply and demand in a responsible way and, above all, to program desirable and possible changes in the structure of current demands and at the same time in the supply in an integral sense (public, accommodation, restaurants and complementary), with improvement of facilities, processes, services and, ultimately, with guarantees for the demands of future demands.

  • Services
    • Processing and resolution of files related to the exercise of the activity of tourist accommodation establishments.
    • Classification and reclassification of tourist establishments.
    • Processing of files for change of ownership and / or change of name of tourist establishments.
    • Registration in the General Tourist Registry. Complaints sheets and inspection books.
    • Control, guardianship, coordination and promotion of the actions and tourist infrastructures of the institutional and territorial entities of the island of La Palma.
    • Promotion of Island Tourism and tourist activities, in coordination with the business sector.
  • Electronic Headquarters
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