Social Action

The Cabildo de La Palma, from the Social Action Service, serves citizens and the rest of public administrations, social entities, groups from different areas of work, etc.

Through this website as an instrument of approach to the palm tree citizenship, all the services, programs and access to them are reflected on this platform so that they can access all the information related to our services, programs and resources.

The Social Action Service includes the following Sections:

  • Section for Management, Administration and Planning and Evaluation of Centers and Projects
    • Specialized Technical Unit for Planning and Evaluation of Centers and Projects.
    • Technical Unit for Minors and for the Prevention and Comprehensive Protection of Victims of Gender Violence.
  • Specialized Services Section Access and Follow-up of Places Social Care Centers for the Dependency and Guardianships
    • Specialized Technical Unit Access and Follow-up of Plazas Centers Social Attention to the Dependency and Guardianships
    • Technical Unit for Psychosocial
      Rehabilitation Villaflora y Pedregales Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center (922 42 31 00 ext. 2546)